Thursday, September 11, 2008

shrimp wontons with dipping sauce

This was a first for me, as I have never before made wontons, or asian dumplings, or dim sum (or whatever other name you want to call them). Before I began this blog, and my adventure in meal planning and cooking new types of food, I would have never attempted to do this without Chef D's assistance. I was excited to find that I was able to do it all by myself. So, if I can do it all by myself, you can, too! Late in the day, I realized that the course was a bit minimalistic and needed something other than just wontons, so I added a light broth to go with them.

Chef D thought the dumplings were bland alone, but were tasty with the accompanying ginger vinegar dipping sauce (I did not make the garlic chili sauce).
I agreed with Chef D on the flavor. I must add that in the middle of preparations, I realized that the coriander/cilantro that I had was actually parsley. I am curious as to how that affected the overall flavor.

Chef D had no comments regarding texture.
My only comment would be that the top part of the dumpling, where it is all connected like the top of a drawstring purse, was much tougher that the rest.

Ease of Preparation:
Making the dumplings did take a little more time than I thought (about 30 minutes), but they were actually much easier to build than I had anticipated. The recipe was right on target with it only taking 2-3 minutes to cook them.

Recommendations for future use:
Try it with the coriander/cilantro next time. Research additional seasonings to use with the bland shrimp main ingredient.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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