Monday, September 15, 2008

pan-seared salmon with pineapple-jalapeno relish with a side of coconut rice

This meal was just an all around success, in my opinion. First, it was easy and not overly time-consuming. I was able to quickly chop of the items for the relish in the beginning so the flavors could sit and meld together while I worked on the other parts of the course. I had never cooked basmati rice and I have to admit that just the name of it caused a bit of apprehension. But, I jumped right in and followed the very easy directions provided by Michelle [and I was happy to find the coconut milk at the first market I stopped by earlier today when I was finishing the grocery shopping for this week's meals]. This rice did seem to soak up the liquids sooner than other rices, and I did add a bit more water during the last 10 minutes of cooking, but it all worked out just fine. I usually bake or grill salmon, so this pan-fried version was a little new to me and I hoped the fish would end up moist enough for Chef D. The recipe held true to it's word and 4 minutes on each side on medium high heat was perfect.

Chef D informed me that he liked this rice for it's fluffy texture and good flavor. He definitely prefers it over the usual white rice, and even ate it without adding his usual cinnamon. Although he enjoyed the flavor of the salmon alone and felt it needed no additional flavoring, he did not dislike the relish. In the end, I am thrilled that he liked the whole meal!

I really liked the sweeter flavor and fluffier texture of the coconut rice. Moreso, though, I loved the pineapple-jalapeno relish and the flavor it added to the salmon. Much of that is the fact that I like to camouflage the 'fishy' taste as much as possible...and the relish did the trick. We will definitely have this meal again. Many thanks to Michelle from Michelle's Messy Musings for this recipe:)

[Chef D and I decided to save our leftover rice to use on Friday in the place of the couscous. I will add some curry seasonings and some of the leftover coconut milk and stir-fry it.]

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