Sunday, September 21, 2008

menu planning monday 09.22.08

This is my third week participating in Menu Planning Monday with the folks at Organizing Junkie. This week is a special edition where everyone is to include a family favorite. My family favorite is on Thursday.

: Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo-Chile Sauce with a side of saffron rice (review and pictures)

Tuesday: Salt-encrusted Ribeye roast with broccoli salad with dried cranberries and yeast rolls.  Brownie Cups (one of Laura's Family Favorites from the OrgJunkie) for dessert for our Bible Reading group.

Apprehension-Free Wednesday: Tonight's dinner menu at church is chicken pot pie, salad, and dessert.

Thursday: Chicken and dumplings (prep pickled onions for Friday) (review and pictures)

Friday: Beef Burger with Roasted Tomato Ketchup with pickled onions and southern potato salad

Sous-Chef Saturday: I will serve as sous-chef to Chef D as we host our monthly church dinner club group at our home.


laurenelizabeth said...

Can you save some of Thursdays for me???
Pretty please???

Sherry said...

We love chicken and dumplings, too!! :D I'm going to have to check out your recipe.

Great menu! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great week!

laurenelizabeth said...

Also, I'm coming home this weekend on Friday, but I don't know if I'll be joining yall for dinner yet. So count on me in your prepping for dinner, but not really. I might go catch a football game. :]

Briana's Bargains said...

Looks like an awesome meal plan!

Anonymous said...

I've been craving chicken and dumplings. I might need to try your recipe.

Sarah C. said...

Hello! I stopped by to look at your meal plan. I have been craving chicken and dumplings since our weather turned cool. Thank you for sharing!