Friday, September 5, 2008

beef stew with honey cornbread muffins

Goal: Today's goal was to prepare a meal that could be made earlier in the day with little last minute preparation since I would be leaving to go scrapbooking immediately after dinner.

Chef D said that the stew lacked some of it's usual flavor (this is a recipe we've used much in the past). He said it seemed blander and may have just needed more salt. He also said he liked the flavor less than that off the usual boxed version I use.  I liked the flavor, but I did add more salt to my bowl. I definitely did not care for the cornbread's flavor, but I think that is because I used old cornmeal that had been in the freezer.

The texture of the stew was just fine, according to Chef D.
Texture was okey-dokey by me, as well. However, the muffins were dry.

Ease of Preparation:
The stew did take a little preparation and time, but since I was able to accomplish it in the morning during some down time, it worked just fine. The cornbread took a little more work than the usual box mix, but it would not have been a deal-breaker if the flavor had been worth it.

Recommendations for future use: On my next attempt at this meal, I will use more salt to the stew and use the Jiffy boxed cornbread mix.

Rating: 4 stars

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