Monday, September 1, 2008

menu planning monday 09.01.08

Here it is, my very first meal planning post participating with the folks at Organizing Junkie. Please check out her site for more menu planning ideas.

This is an unusual week for me, from the perspective of menu planning. This is due to the happenstance of both a holiday plus two days affected by birthday celebrations. For those of you visiting for the first time, please feel free to browse through my previous week's practice planning post and reviews. Reviews of each of these meals will be posted daily (hopefully!).

Monday: Labor Day! Baked Hoisin Chicken and steamed broccoli with white rice.

Tuesday: Tamale Tuesday (I've ordered tamales from the local tamale lady) with leftover Tijuana Kitchen Rice from last Friday's meal. One day I might attempt to create my own tamales, but not today.

Apprehension-Free Wednesday: This week’s menu at church is beef stroganoff, green beans, salad and dessert.

Thursday: This is D2's 7th Birthday, so he gets to pick the meal - mini penne pasta with marinara and freshly cut apples. I will add a tossed salad and garlic toast to round out the meal.

Friday: It is the first Friday of the month, so it must be Scrapbooking night! This means I need a meal that can be fixed in advance with little after-meal clean-up required. Chef D requested one of my favorites, Sam's Beef Stew and I will add a side of cornbread muffins.

Saturday: D2's Birthday Party is in the afternoon from 2-5 pm. After it has ended, we will celebrate with a meal at a restaurant of his choice. I just hope it is not McDonald's. It looks like there will be no sous-chef Saturday this week.

Sunday: Mimi's Sticky Chicken, rice, and salad for mid-day dinner. Chef D and I have not been in the habit of cooking our Sunday dinner, as we usually either (1) dine out, or (2) find leftovers or sandwiches. We have recently decided to plan a cooked meal for enough to invite another family from church to join us after church each Sunday.


Org Junkie said...

Welcome to MPM, thanks for joining us!!

Lisa Brooks said...

Looks like a great week! Thanks for the recipe links.

Sherry said...

Delicious menu! Welcome to MPM! Great looking recipes!