Thursday, September 4, 2008

birthday mini penne

Since today is D2's birthday, he was given the serious responsibility of choosing the menu for today's dinner. He is a huge pasta lover and chose his most recent favorite, mini penne pastas with sauce, and fresh red delicious apple slices on the side. I decided to add a tossed salad (leftover from Tuesday's meal) and garlic toast (using some hamburger buns found in the pantry that were slightly stale, but still edible -- just dabbed some butter on them, gave them a few grinds of garlic salt and tossed them under the broiler for a few minutes). The boys passed on the salad, and Chef D and I passed on the apples.

I have to admit that I was thrilled that D2 chose this meal, because it is what I call my "old reliable" -- you know, the meal that you make when you just cannot think of anything else. I always keep dried pasta and jarred sauce in the pantry 'for such a time as this'. But, after dinner, I felt sort of...disappointed. I think trying the new things since I started this blog actually left me with some guilt for using my old reliable! Chef D and I agreed that old reliable did not require the usual review.

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