Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bb's chicken and dumplin's with a chicken salad sandwich

Since I ended up being out of town a few hours today instead of Thursday, I moved my crockpot-based meal to today.  So, today we had our family-favorite chicken and dumplings.  We had leftover chicken last night, so I made Chef D's favorite chicken salad for sandwiches on a slice of sourdough bread to have along with the dumplings.  This worked out great to stretch the meal since we ended up having two additional guests for dinner.  Everyone ate all of their dumplings (and I even sent some leftovers home
 with our guests) and the chicken salad was a success (except for a minor incident of someone sneaking their pecans out of their salad!).

Oh, my.  These Brownie Cups were delicious, according to everyone who ate them.  Of course, Chef D thought they could use a little more sugar, or at least a dollop of marshmallow cream!  He has quite the sweet tooth.

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