Friday, September 19, 2008

asian beef lettuce wraps with curried basmati rice

This recipe was pretty easy since it was one that used leftovers for both parts. The beef for the wraps was leftover from slow-cooker roast beef night and the rice was leftover from pan-seared salmon with coconut rice night. I could not find bibb lettuce anywhere, so I picked out the most pliable lettuce I could find locally, which ended up being regular green leaf lettuce. The original recipe called for a curried couscous, but since Chef D is not a big couscous fan, we decided to use up the leftover coconut rice. Of course, I forgot to add the leftover coconut milk that I saved for just this meal. But, the rice turned out tasty anyway.

Chef D ate his portions of the meal, and was the first to remember the missing coconut milk. The ribs of the lettuce were distracting for him and, although the flavors of the beef were acceptable, they just were not special to him.

I really like the idea of lettuce wraps and will continue to search for a different recipe to try. But, I doubt I will use this one again.

Also, tonight is the inauguration night for our new dish we picked up at World Market last night. I thought it went nicely with our asian-inspired meal.

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