Friday, October 17, 2008

surf and turf on caesar salad

This is the last of our Cuisine at Home recipes for this week's meals.  Chef D does not really care for hot food on salad, so I added a fried rice at the last minute (using the leftover basmati rice from last Friday).  I sauted some red onion and fresh minced garlic in some peanut oil, crumbled in the rice with a little salt, and fried it up enough to separate all the grains and get it warmed up.

This was a fairly easy meal to prepare.  Even though it seemed a little strange to layer the shrimp's sauce onto the salad, I decided to give it a try.  The flavor's seemed to go quite well with the Caesar dressing (which I did not make from the recipe but used a bottled version I already had in the icebox).  I was not sure if the rice would go with the meal, but it was a nice addition for me.

Chef D suggested that I not use the giant shrimp next time as their flavor is really not special for the increased price to procure them.  The shrimp's sauce was also a bit strong for his taste.  But, he did make a happy plate, so I call it a successful night.

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