Sunday, August 16, 2009

menu planning monday 08.17.09

We made it through the first week of school and lived to tell about it! I was able to follow my meal plan except for Thursday (a 10:00 am meeting lasted until after 4 pm!). I am grateful for an understanding family who appeared happy to have sandwiches that night:)

The boys did great with their lunch planning, but I think I will have them plan one week at a time instead of the night before.

Monday: Panko-crusted cod fillet sliders (need to use these rolls before they go bad) with freshly-picked hydroponic lettuce salad (with tomatoes and peppers from my garden)

Tuesday: Baked teriyaki chicken thighs with whole grain/wild rice medley and panko-fried zucchini strips. Mini blueberry dump cakes for Bible Reading Group dessert.

Apprehension-Free Wednesday: I am so happy that Wednesday night suppers have resumed at church. This week's meal will be roast beef, mashed potatoes, lima beans, salad, rolls and dessert. They are also trying a new feature: Domino's Pizza for the children (and any adult that signs up for that in the place of the regular dinner). I think my children will be pleased:)

Thursday: Homemade pizza (recipe posted soon!) with crudites

Friday: Scrapbooking Night for the girls and Boy's Night Out for the rest!

Saturday: Dinner club at our friends, the M's!

For more menu planning ideas, check out all the other links at OrgJunkie!


SnoWhite said...

Just took a look at that blueberry dump cake recipe -- delicious! thanks.

Katie Myers said...

Love panko breadcrumbs. We use them on fish/chicken all the time. They just turn out so nicely in the oven.

Stephanie said...

Thanks folr the zucchini recipe. My daughters "discovered" zucchini this summer and I am constantly looking for new ways to cook it so they won't get bored.

shopannies said...

I would love to see your recipe for the mini dump cakes if possible they sound great

Erica Brooks said...

Nice menu. We're having homemade pizza too. Have a great week.

lisha said...

shopannies: you can click on the dump cake link and it will take you to a post, scroll down and you will see the recipe:)

thank you all for your comments!

darnold23 said...

Hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays on this week. Thanks for posting. Debbie