Friday, August 7, 2009

menu planning: back-to-school lunchbox version

I am bound and determined to provide healthier lunches for my boys this year. Last year was not a good year for lunchboxes here -- yes, I even succumbed to buying those dreaded lunchables (hanging my head in shame).

I sat down with the boys this week and we came up with a plan! Other than healthier options, I wanted them to have more options -- it seems like we tend to get in a rut with what leaves in the lunchbox each morning. Also, the boys are going to start participating in packing their lunches. They are 7 and 11 and perfectly capable of a few more responsibilities. We developed lists of options for main entree/side/dessert/drink for lunch and snack/drink for snack time. Here are the boys lists:


Entree: fluffernutter sandwich, ham sandwich with mayo, slice of cheese & crackers, pumpkinbread PB sandwich, and pasta with cheese/almonds
Side: apples with PB, pumpkinbread, corn bread muffin, oatmeal bar, yogurt, carrots, nuts
Dessert: brownies, cookie bars, poppyseed muffins, rice krispy treats, chocolate chip muffins, oatmeal squares dry cereal
Snack: pretzels, almonds, sunflower kernels, cheese crackers
Drinks: Sunny-D, Decaf Tea, Chocolate Milk


Entree: fluffernutter sandwich, ham sandwich, pita pizza, tortilla/ham roll-ups, pasta, cereal with milk
Side: pumpkinbread, yogurt, carrots, peanuts, banana
Dessert: brownies, cookie bars, rice krispy treat, sugar cookies
Snack: cornbread muffins, sunflower kernels, dry cheerios, cheese crackers
Drinks: apple juice, Sunny-D, milk

I found 20.2 oz tinted stainless steel bottles for them at Whole Foods yesterday and finally found a lunchbox for Max today (camouflage, of course). I made a batch of the oatmeal bars tonight and will make some pumpkinbread tomorrow. I think we will be ready on Monday morning!

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