Sunday, February 15, 2009

menu planning monday 02.16.09

For the past six weeks, we have been counting our calories and I have tried to include those counts in my menu plan posts.  Although Chef D and my total daily calorie goals are different (I am gearing for 1200 and he is looking at 2000 calories/day), we try to keep our dinner meal at 500 calories or less.

We are participating in an 'encouragement and accountability group' at church where we are weighing in each Sunday morning.  I was thrilled this morning that I lost 4 lbs. over the past week which brings my total lost since January 4 to 19 lbs.!  Chef D is doing pretty good himself with 27 lbs. lost:)  We decided to get serious about getting healthy for two reasons -- we had let ourselves go and were feeling the consequences PLUS we have a family wedding to attend in April and haven't seen most of the people since we have gained weight.  

So, here's to another week of counting calories and exercising!

Monday: Baked Teriyaki Chicken (277 calories/2 thighs) with basmati rice (150 calories/.25 cup) and steamed broccoli florets (25 calories/1 cup)

Tuesday: Maple-glazed Salmon (285 calories/4 oz.) with whole-grain pilaf  (170/.5 cup) and steamed asparagus (35 calories/15 stalks with .25 tsp butter)

Apprehension-Free Wednesday: Annual Chili Cookoff at church will be this night.  Hot Dogs and dessert will also be served.  Chef D won the competition last year and will be again submitting a superb entry to try to hold on to the trophy (a giant decorative bottle of chili peppers!). Prep:  Prepare thighs for tomorrow.

Thursday: Mimi's sticky chicken thighs (100 calories/thigh) with sauteed zucchini squash with grated parmesan

Friday: --edited-- Chef D is going to the Men's Club sponsored dinner as a part of the Men's Retreat that is tonight and tomorrow morning.  I will do something fun with the boys:)

Sous-chef Saturday: No SCS this week.  Busy day with basketball game, helping friends move, and end of season basketball program

Hospitality Sunday:  Mimi's sticky chicken with grilled vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and long-grain and wild rice.  Blueberry dump cake for dessert.

Menu planning has taken a huge burden from my life.  Thanks for Laura at OrgJunkie for hosting many menu plans to help get it together for a week!


Krisi and Adam said...

Everything sounds so good - and congrats on the weight loss. We too are trying to lose - I am down I think 13 ... but this is the same point I get discouraged and say forget it! But I am determined this time! Anyway... good luck and the menu looks great.

The Fat Dietitian said...

I might have to try those sticky chicken thighs, you can't beat 100 calories! Have a great week...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site. You have a great menu! Have a lovely week!