Sunday, February 8, 2009

menu planning monday 02.09.09

We are still watching our calories, so I am continuing to try to choose lower-calories, but still tasty, meals.  Chef D has lost a total of 25 lbs since Jan 4 and I am down 15 lbs!  It is amazing what a little good food, lots of water, and regular exercise can do:)

Monday:  I will be spending all day going on a field trip with my 11 year-old, so I am blessed that Chef D and the boys will be attending our church Men's Club Dinner.  I am on my own, so I will probably have some soup and salad.

Tuesday: Smoked Sausage with fried okra (300 calories) (recipe to come on Monday)

Apprehension-Free Wednesday:  Tamale Pie, corn, pinto beans, salad and dessert will be served at church.

Thursday: Thai Chicken Skewer Wraps (140 calories/wrap) with coconut rice

Sous-chef Saturday:  No sous-chef Saturday since we have church supper club at friends tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day!  

Hospitality Sunday:  TBD.

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Sherry said...

Yum! Your menu sounds delish! I'm going to have to try the thai chicken skewers. YUM!

Have a great week!

FromThe Creek said...

I have never tried okra before...what is it like?!?

lisha said...

It is hard to compare okra to any other vegetable. I cannot eat it boiled (way too slimy!), but we love to fry it up. The key is finding the young, tender pods. I am going to add my recipe to my post soon. You'll have to give it a try -- even if it is just to say you have had okra! :)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I've never really had thai food, but the thai chicken skewers sound good.

Rona's Home Page said...

I've lost over 20 pounds by walking our property. That lead to me wanted to put healthy foods in my mouth. My love of water was always there and I still drink several bottles of it everyday!

Jess @ NBP said...

Thai Chicken sounds yummy.