Thursday, April 2, 2009

doorbell = takeout?

What do you think happens when the doorbell rings while you are cooking your planned dinner?

Well, when the doorbell rang tonight, I ended up going out to the porch to see what new and exciting things the contractor had completed today.  I was thrilled to see the new cedar plank paneling that had been installed and then began a discussion on the new windows.  I was feeling the joy until, about 10 minutes later, I remembered a very important thing -- right before the bell rang, I turned the stove on to warm up the chicken mixture that was going to be added to the rice stick noodles.  I ran back to the kitchen to find the chicken now 'blackened', and not in the delicious way.  There was no way to save it, and I now wish I had photographed it to prove it.  So, I did what anyone would do (?) and called Chef D to pick up something to replace our dinner while he was at The Fresh Market.

This is what he came home with.  I love that man.

[fyi:  that is not tea with lemon -- care to make a guess on what it is?]


Barb said...

Blue Moon Wheat Beer with an heirloom orange slice? Okay, I called and asked what it was:-)

lisha said...

That is cheating, Barb!